Does your nonprofit organization need more money?

Are you wondering why your fundraising efforts are stagnant?

Are you just starting up your nonprofit and wondering where to begin with all the things you have to do?

Are you thinking about launching a capital campaign and wondering whether now is a good time for you?

Connie Marshner & Associates can help you answer all these questions. We know management, we know public policy – and, unlike most consultants, we know how they intersect with marketing and fundraising.

Connie Marshner and Associates is a consulting firm specializing in innovative strategic development and fundraising.

Why Innovative?

Because we think outside the box. Because we bring the discoveries of neuroscience to bear on the problems of issue development and organization building.

Why Strategic?

Because we see the big picture and can help you to articulate your vision and build your marketing and fundraising strategy. Because we have as strategic partners some of the best in the country.

What is Development?

Development is to Marketing as Fundraising is to sales. Think about it. See “Fundraising” tab for more.

What about Fundraising?

Fundraising encompasses all the tactics and operations that your organization needs to have in place to bring in the money to pursue your vision. CM&A specializes in designing and building entire Fundraising operations. We know what you need to grow – and can help you do it!