Connie Marshner has unique, extensive experience in all phases of the public policy process, and solid relationships throughout the country’s Center-Right universe.

Beginning in 1971, she worked with the small group of transformational leaders who were busy founding the Republican Study Committee, The Heritage Foundation, the first conservative PAC, Committee for a Survival of a Free Congress, Free Congress Foundation, and other anchor institutions of the modern conservative movement.

Connie was a key leader and strategist in the emergence of the Pro-Family Movement and the Religious Right. She was Chair of the Library Court Group, Chair of the National Pro-Family Coalition, and Chair of the Family Policy Advisory Board of the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign. Up until 2010 she also set the agenda for and ran confidential quarterly meetings of more than sixty national and international issue-focused CEOs and COOs. All through these years, Connie was doing major donor cultivation.

On another front, she was present at the creation of Christendom College, and served on its board for a number of years. As founding board member of the Institute of Catholic Culture, her expertise has helped to launch that response to the Holy Father’s call for the New Evangelization.

She learned the rest of the fundraising end of the business at the Leadership Institute. Beginning in 2007, she was Vice-President for Development at the American Family Business Institute and American Family Business Foundation, where she designed and built the Development effort, and helped put this trade association and think tank on a strong financial footing.

In 2011, she launched her own firm.