What’s the difference between Development and Fundraising? Some organizations fundraise without doing any Development at all. For instance, if your organization has been built on large-scale direct mail, you have been fundraising. When your direct mail results stagnate, it’s time to start doing Development. Connie Marshner & Associates can help you build your Development effort.

Isn’t Development just a fancy name for Fundraising anyhow?

No! The two are very different. Fundraising is to sales as Development is to Marketing. Think about it: What makes a prospective customer walk into an automobile showroom and make contact with a sales person? Typically, he has seen an ad somewhere. That has been the work of the Marketing Department. The ground has been prepared, the seeds have been planted.

In the nonprofit universe, that is the job of Development, which is analogous to Marketing in the commercial world. Development tills the soil, plants the seeds, nurtures the ground, waters it and prepares it in every way that is important so that when the actual fundraising takes place, there will be bountiful crops to harvest.

Fundraising in the nonprofit world is analogous to sales in the commercial world.

Connie Marshner & Associates can help you start Development if you have never done it…and help you with your Fundraising as well.