Organization Building

Since every organization is different, the best first step is to assess the Who, the What, and the How of your organization. We can do this for you any time when you feel you need an organizational “tune-up.”

After the Inventory, we share our findings, and tell you the implications for development and fundraising, and give you a step-by-step plan that shows you how you can utilize your existing people better and fundraise more effectively.

Sometimes, organizations suffer from a lack of focus. Other times, the founder is a transformational leader but the top management has not really caught the vision. Other times, a key employee may be a problem.

Structuring a Chain of Command is often an overlooked management need. As outsiders, we can see things you may not see and help you make adjustments.

To take a common problem: Once a CEO has more than six or seven Direct Reports, that leader is inundated and needs to delegate. But generally, the CEO can’t see the forest for the trees – but Connie Marshner & Associates can see it, analyze it, and help you make a plan to handle the problem.