CM&A Philosophy

Doesn’t your cause deserve better than self-taught, hit-or-miss fundraising? Sure, it takes money to raise money. But if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur!

It is tempting to think you can save some money and fly solo on fundraising. Once in a blue moon it is possible to strike it lucky for a while without knowing what you’re doing. But for most people, fundraising by the seat of your pants will take a lot of time, and waste a lot of time, treasure, and talent and in the process wear you out, wear your staff out – and also wear out your donors and prospects.

Fundraising is a combination of strategy, skill, and art. There are no “magic formulas” and no “turnkey solutions”. If somebody tells you there are, you are hearing some blarney! That said, fundraising is not mysterious. A pro who knows how it works can guide you through it with ease.

The goal of Connie Marshner & Associates is to bring you, our client, to the point where your organization can efficiently raise the funds you need.

How do we do this?

Since every organization is different, the first step is the Marshner Inventory, with which we assess the Who, the What, and the How of your unique organization. After the Inventory, we share our findings, and tell you the implications for development, and give you a step-by-step plan that shows you how you can fundraise and use your current staff more effectively. We can do this for you any time you need an organizational tune-up.

The promise of Connie Marshner and Associates is this: we are here to be of service. Our goal is to work with you to strengthen your organization, so you can better serve the cause for which you labor, and so you can more effectively honor the intentions of the donors who sacrifice to help you do it.
Ask yourself this question: are you giving your donors the best value for their sacrificial gifts by fundraising as an amateur? If the answer is no, contact Connie Marshner & Associates today!